KryptoChaos Staking Welcome to the KryptoChaos VLX Staking Pool

Please read carefully as this pool is in Beta and therefore does not come with customer support!
This is a staking pool for the Velas Project (VLX). The project is located at The team behind this pool is not affiliated with the Velas team nor are they affili$

The way this staking pool is as follows:
+Simply send your VLX tokens to our staking address XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
+We will payout to THE SAME ADDRESS YOU PAID IN FROM once per day. We make withdraws automatic to the same address you paid from so you can remain anonymous. No user accounts!
+There will be no customer support on this project. You will be paid daily to the address you deposited from.
+Every address will be refunded the first day of every month, in full. You can then redeposit your funds if you wish to continue staking with us
+We will continue working on new features like real-time withdrawal and pay-to addresses in the coming months
+Our fee for staking with us is 0% for now. As we scale this will likely change.
+Your payout amount will be what our staking address is paid proportional to your deposit over the total deposit, transparently visible by looking at our payto address here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX